ActuaPlast implements a Quality System that is ISO certified


These certifications reflect :

  • our commitment to meet our clients’ requirements,
  • our intention to ensure a continuous improvement.

Added value for our company:

  • A comprehensive approach applied at all levels in your company in order to ensure a continuous improvement of your products (definition of precise goals, improvement plans, establishing corrective/preventive actions…).
  • Assurance for our clients of continuous improvement that sustains the confidence factor that is so necessary in supplier relationships, and an organisation oriented towards their satisfaction.
  • A tool for rallying our employees around a collective project whose objective is to advance the organisation of the work and professional relationships.
  • Enhanced competitiveness for our company ensuring it continues to survive and thrive through control of the organisation and reduction of non-quality costs.

Why did we select AFAQ AFNOR Certification as the certifying organisation?

  • It was the first certifying organisation in France and one of the very first in the world.
  • Recognised certificates: 47,000 certified sites in more than 90 countries.