Plastic industry : ActuaPlast keeps on growing and thinks about a new building extension

Lettre API | Finistère | 04/05/2018 – (translation of an article originally written in French)

6-cylinder turbo engine made in aluminum alloy (DMLS)

Actuaplast keeps on growing. The company based in La Forêt-Fouesnant (France) specialized in the additive manufacturing of plastic and metal parts for the automotive industry (ducts, air filters, tanks, etc.) ended its fiscal year 2017 with an additional sales revenue growth : 20 M€ as compared to 16.4M€ in 2016. Export represents 30% of its sales revenue. 22M€ are expected in 2018. This growth went hand in hand with many recruitment actions: 40 people were hired last year and ActuaPlast employs today 165 persons. 10 additional employees should join the team by the end of 2018. “We have structured the company not only in the production workshop but also thanks to the recruitment of a CFO and a Purchase Manager” explains Ronan Perennou, CEO of ActuaPlast. Because the horizon is clear. “Our growth is mostly driven by the automotive industry that represents 80% of our sales revenue” explains Ronan Perennou, who works with the main OEMs for the prototype phase (50% of the activity) and with tier-1 suppliers for the production phase.

Before planing any extension, ActuaPlast will carry on investing in its machinery park.

Invest to stay ahead

The strength of ActuaPlast? Having always invested to stay at the cutting edge of technology. « I am lucky to be accompanied by Bpifrance and by my bankers. As a consequence I have, in the recent years, invested a lot considering that I took more risks not to invest than to invest. The risk to slow down and fall behind.” New investments are consequently scheduled in 2018. And Ronan Perennou gives himself one year to take the decision to move forward. “I am thinking about an additional extension of the building.” He is also thinking of an extension in the USA, where the company has been established since 2014. “The potential is there. However we have to deal with some recruitment problems that are even more important than in France.” ActuaPlast employs 12 people on the other side of the Atlantic. This new development phase coud result in the arrival of a new shareholder. Today Ronan Perennou owns 90% of the company shares.

Translation of an article originally written in French by :

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