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NewsLetter | April 2017 – Vacuum Molding (PA)



The advantages of such a technology :

Rapid Manufacturing Parts removed within 6 minutes only after having poured the Nylon Material.
Such parts have the same technical characteristics as the injected parts made in Nylon Polymers.
▪ They are air, gas and water impermeable.
▪ They can be used for crash testing.
▪ They can be stuck or welded (vibration, hot plate or spin welding)
▪ They are resistant to chemicals.
▪ Thanks to their high stiffness, theycan replace some metal components


These parts made in PA6 Nylon material(vacuum molding) can be used for :

  • Clips, pivots, containers,
  • Half shells of intake manifolds,
  • Air filter housings,
  • Water tanks,
  • Heater devices,
  • Automotive intake manifolds (1 shell),
  • Parts of the engine compartment
  • or lamp housings,
  • And many other applications…