ActuaPlast takes actions and manufactures protective visors in France

Due to the situation caused by the Covid-19, ActuaPlast, based in France in La Forêt-Fouesnant, takes actions to support the medical sector and its customers from various sectors and more generally to support everybody.

We designed this protective visor by taking the medical sector requirements into consideration. After having  validated the concept on our 3D printers, we are now moving to the full production phase in our facility.

Please feel free to contact Michael Kneissl may you have any questions :

Michael KNEISSL 

Sales Engineer

Tel : +33 (0)607 155 978

Visière de protection ActuaPlast
  • Une visière de qualité
  • Ecran rigide épaisseur 0.5 mm en APET (contre 0.15 mm environ pour des transparents « rétroprojecteurs ») pour une meilleure rigidité et interchangeable
  • Bonne transparence
  • Protection faciale et latérale du visage
  • Tout mode de désinfection et entretien possible
  • La visière peut être associée à d’autres équipements  :
    – Masque chirurgical
    – Masque FFP2
    – Lunettes
  • Maintien confortable et efficace
  • Découpes anatomiques, évite la collision avec les clavicules contrairement à beaucoup de visières qui sont de simples rectangles.
  • Support visière en polyamide très résistant
  • Fabrication française dans nos usines
  • A high-quality visor
  • Screen Thickness 0.5 mm APET (as compared to the sheets dedicated to overhead projectors that are 0.15 mm thick) for a better rigidity
  • Good transparency
  • Face and lateral protection
  • Any disinfection means can be used on it
  • This visor can be worn concurrent to other face/eye PPE :
    – Surgical mask
    – FFP2 mask
    – Glasses
  • Comfortable and effective posture
  • Anatomical cut-outs, avoids collision with shoulder blades (most of the rectangular protective visors do not have any).
  • Visor’s support made in a very resistant polyamide material
  • Made in France