Direct Metal Laser Sintering : 6-cylinder turbo truck engine made in aluminum alloy

Actuaplast Expert in rapid Tooling*

L’Usine Nouvelle | N°3565 dated 31/05/2018

Press-release : the additive manufacturing is opening the doors of the future

Translation of an article originally written in French

Specialized in the manufacture of moulds and in the production of plastic parts in injection but also in extrusion blow moulding technologies, the company ActuaPlast Group (160 employees, 20M€ sales revenue) has turned to the additive manufacturing since 2001. Today, it is an expert in Direct Metal Laser Sintering, in Selective Laser Sintering (Polyamide) and in Stereolithography. It offers a global solution: design, prototyping, rapid tooling and manufactures mainly under-the-hood technical parts (filters, ducts, air manifolds…). “Many of our customers may be found among the automotive industry and encourage us to develop the e-manufacturing from small to medium series. The Direct Metal Laser Sintering is one of our preferred development axis “. underlines Ronan Perennou the CEO of ActuaPlast. The company that is equipped with 4 prototyping machines expects to double in size over the next few years. On the international side, the company has a subsidiary based in the USA, in the suburbs of Detroit, the nerve center of the automotive industry and also has a sales office in Hong Kong.

  • Rapid Tooling. Process that enables the quick manufacture of an injection mould.

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