ACTUAPLAST becomes Members of GICAT and partner of Generate

 In order to develop our activities regarding Defense and Security (Army, Navy, Space), we join GICAT (beginning of this year 2023).

With its well-integrated knowhow in prototyping, injection and blow molding activities, our dedicated team supports you in the development of your specific projects and will be able to guide you towards the best technical and economic solution according to your specifications.

Some examples of realization and industrialization:

Electronic housings: prototype / molds / injection / Ultrasonic assembly for inserts / laser marking / material development + coloring

ROV – AUV parts: prototypes / Vacuum molding

Aero – land countermeasures: molds / injection / blowmolding / Ultrasonic assembly for inserts / laser marking / plastic part welding, leak test.

Containers: Design and improvement / prototypes / molds / injection / blowmolding / assembly / leak test / accessories supply and assembly

Vehicles parts (cars, trucks) :  prototypes / Vacuum molding / air or liquid ducts / Flexible or rigid hoses /  interior trim parts / Logos / Supports / accessories.

For your demand, please contact:

Sales Contact: J YVET –

Technical Contact: N LECOEUVRE –