to improve their performances while lowering their manufacturing costs

ActuaPlast helps automotive suppliers to manufacture lightweight parts

Design and implementation of plastic parts from prototyping to full production

From Prototyping

The specific characteristic of this service is the continuity of the NC chain, including inspection

  • Receipt of digital files (“native” or interfaced).
  • Finalization and analysis of the files so as to facilitate production start-up for the products (draft, shapes simplification…)
  • Manufacture of prototypes by stereolithography, polyamide powder sintering, direct metal laser sintering, vacuum moulding

To Production Expertise

This service is characterised by the following technical and organisational assets:

  • design office and engineering department / mechanical workshop
  • Injection presses + 2D/3D blow moulding machines
  • 3D measuring machine and polyarticulated scan arm


  • Transformation by injection of all thermoplastic materials

  • Small and medium series

  • Assembly of sub-assemblies or complete functions

  • Design and production of assembly and control facilities.

  • Continuous Improvement

    A comprehensive approach applied at all levels in your company in order to ensure continuous improvement of your products

  • Client Satisfaction

    Assurance for our clients of continuous improvement that sustains the confidence factor that is so necessary in supplier relationships, and an organisation oriented towards their satisfaction.

  • CAD Study

    • Recovery of all CAD data
    • Methodologies specific to mould trades
    • Advanced mould design and manufacturing functions.
  • Rheology

    • Analysis and simulation of polymer flow inside the mould
    • Optimization of cycle times and production waste.

  • CAM programming

    • Programming of tool paths for the machining of EDM electrodes and dies.